Where to Find the Baseball Tournament in Lubbock, TX

The upcoming baseball tournament in Lubbock, TX is set to take place at two different venues: Dan Law Field at Rip Griffin Park and Hays Field at Lubbock Christian University. The Region 5 North Softball Tournament is also scheduled to be held at Plains Capital Park at Lubbock Christian University from May 12-14. If a paying team needs to cancel their participation due to COVID-19, they will be given credits for a future NCS National Premier tournament. If the tournament is canceled due to rain, teams can receive a portion of the credit based on the number of games played. The tournament is open to select baseball teams from Texas, including select Lubbock baseball teams, Texas travel baseball teams, and Lubbock Texas travel baseball teams.

It is an excellent opportunity for these teams to compete against each other and gain valuable experience.

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