What is the Age Range for Players in the Baseball Tournament in Lubbock, TX?

West Texas Elite is a baseball program that is devoted to the development of young and high school players in the West Texas region. It provides individual training, group training, camps for specific positions, and clinics for coaches to help players reach their maximum potential. Not only do they teach baseball skills, but also emphasize the importance of attitude, preparation, and effort. Players aged 12 to 14 can be chosen for the youth league baseball or softball tournament team if they have taken part as eligible players in eight (regular season) games before the start of the International Tournament.

However, players aged 9 to 16 can be selected for multiple tournament teams, but can only participate in one tournament team at a time. If a player is unable to take part in several regular season games of the local league due to their involvement in a school baseball or softball program, they will receive an adjustment to the minimum participation in games required by this rule. After a team has been eliminated from the tournament, a player can be appointed to a second team from the tournament as long as they meet all eligibility criteria, there is space for them in the affidavit, and they do not replace an eligible player already listed in the affidavit. In order to be chosen for teams in the baseball or softball tournaments of that season, players must have participated during the regular season of the Minor Leagues.

West Texas Elite offers everything a baseball player needs to succeed and compete at the next level, including traveling teams between the ages of 8 and 18 that will compete in exhibition tournaments against the best teams.

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