Inclement Weather Policy for Baseball Tournament in Lubbock, TX: What You Need to Know

Lubbock, Texas is known for its unpredictable weather, and the National Weather Service has warned of potential adverse conditions such as baseball-sized hail and strong wind gusts of up to 70 mph. There is also a small chance of tornadoes. In the event of inclement weather, Rocker B Ranch has a policy in place to ensure that teams are not left out of pocket. If the cancellation is notified at least 21 days before the tournament, the tenant is allowed another available date at no additional charge.

Cancellations made within 20 days of the tournament will not receive any refund or future credits. If teams start their first game but do not complete it for the rest of the tournament, Rocker B Ranch will issue a transferable credit equivalent to 50% of the tournament registration fee. If weather conditions cause an entire tournament to be canceled and a team does not play a game, they will be refunded the full amount of the registration fee. If one match of a tournament is completed and the others are canceled, 50% of the teams' registration fee will be credited. If a team retires more than 30 days before the tournament, they will receive credit for another elite baseball tournament.

There will be no refund if a team starts its second match of the tournament. Teams that withdraw from a tournament will lose their deposit. It is important to note that Lubbock Fire Department recently responded to a structure fire in the 6800 block of 84th Street that left one person seriously injured. Additionally, 14 people were arrested and charged in connection with a two-day prostitution operation. Rocker B Ranch's inclement weather policy ensures that teams are not left out of pocket in case of adverse weather conditions. It is important to be aware of this policy when planning your baseball tournament in Lubbock, Texas.

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