What Are the Warm-Up Rules for Baseball Tournaments in Lubbock, TX?

Before a game, teams are not allowed to warm up on the field of play, but they can use additional warm-up areas to get ready. This page outlines the policies and procedures specific to the USSSA Baseball Program in Maryland, Delaware, and central and western Pennsylvania. It includes information on player licensing, elimination policy, docking procedures, and code of conduct. Teams that fail to submit a score within 4 hours of the end of the game (or before the end of the last match on a given day) may be subject to the score given by the opposing team. Failure to comply with these or other rules and procedures described in an event sanctioned by the USSSA may result in actions against the team or person held responsible.

The tournament management will not be involved in counting courts or regulating them during tournament events. In case of a dispute between a move or decision, only the team's director or captains, appointed at the start of the match, can consult with a referee or tournament official. For all USA Baseball Midwest NTIS events, all bats must bear the USA Baseball or BBCOR seal and meet the throwing restriction listed above for specific age divisions. In case of an age challenge, if the birth certificate cannot be presented before the time of the match, the player in question will not be able to play in that match. The best players in the region (under 11 to 16 years old) are selected to be part of the Midwest regional team and have the opportunity to play in front of national team coaches at the United States National Baseball Training Complex in Cary, North Carolina, in August.

Teams should always have quality used baseballs for a tournament on hand if they lose the original balls or if fans don't return them to the referees. The tournament director reserves the right to modify time limits in case of weather or scheduling problems. In an unlikely event of a serious technological failure or serious disruption, teams must send a representative to the tournament venue to receive updated information. If the birth certificate indicates that the player is of legal age, then the team must renounce all games in which that player has participated. Teams participating in USSSA tournaments across the country (except for some state and national events) can use guest players from similar classes for events they take part in.

The best players from Game Day USA All-Star weekend events will be selected by independent baseball professionals to represent Game Day USA at New Year's BaseballFest during winter break in Panama City Beach, Florida. If a team plays consecutive games on same field, they must always remain on same bench to avoid extra time involved in moving bags, etc.

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